I See You, Regan Stromich!

For this week’s blog post, I have paired up with Regan Stromich to cybersleuth. Make sure to check out Cyber-Sleuthing Manahil Rauf & Reflecting on Digital Identity (Week 8) on Regan Stromich’s cybersleuthing session of me!

Let’s get started. I have to admit, I was quite excited to cyber stalk a fellow colleague who is also a dear friend of mine. This experience was unique as I do have access to all of her private social media accounts (perks of being close friends), but I found out that there are other platforms which we are not connected on such as Pinterest and Youtube. Nonetheless, my objective with this blog post is to log out of all of social media accounts prior to browsing her content so I am able to experience it as the general public.

Here are screen captures of Regan Stromich’s social media platforms:

Regan Stromich’s Youtube Account.
Playlist Settings: Public
Google Image Search of Regan Stormich
Regan Stromich’s Facebook Profile.
*Viewing as friends on Facebook; Regan’s profile does not appear through search due to her privacy settings.
Regan Stromich’s Instagram Profile.
Settings: Private Account

As my cyber-stalking-session came to a finish, I had come to the conclusion that Regan has been maintaining her digital identity quite well. As a becoming teacher, it is crucial not to be an over sharer when it comes to one’s personal life; an aspect I believe Regan to be following closely. I appreciate that social media accounts of Regan which are set to public settings only consist on content in correlation with her teaching profession. This allows for growth, networking and strengthening of one’s teaching identity.

I find it quite fascinating that although Regan has multiple social media accounts, they all cater to the same audience: Teachers. Now, that statement does dis-include her private accounts such as Instagram or Facebook where she posts pictures with her family and friends and the target audience would be well, her family and friends. I love it. This is similar to an idea mentioned in (Lee): “People have diverse, rich lives that aren’t contained within a single idea and personae.” As a close friend of Regan’s, I am able to see the diversity within her digital identity, and it is fabulous that others who are not in her close-knit circle, only see a 2-dimensional version of her. The less students know, the better. So, props to you, Regan!

Here is a ‘Digital Sleuthing Exercise: For those of us stepping into the teaching profession in the near future, I highly encourage you all to complete the Digital Sleuthing Exercise (linked above) of yourselves or a fellow peer. It’s a great reflection on who we are in the eyes of the digital world.

3 thoughts on “I See You, Regan Stromich!

  1. Haha, great work!! After reading your cyber sleuth, it would be nice to know how to remove my images from the Google Image search. There are some odd old photos on there that I would prefer not on Google lol. Also, I like that you noticed my online presence is mainly “teacher-y” and professional, and my private pages are meant for my friends and family. I am a fairly private person and don’t like to overshare too much!
    Great job, Manahil!


  2. Great post, Manahil. I love that you included so many screenshots and links, and even threw in an awesome quote! I can tell you were very dedicated to this cyber sleuth and to your blog post.


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