I See You, Regan Stromich!

For this week’s blog post, I have paired up with Regan Stromich to cybersleuth. Make sure to check out Cyber-Sleuthing Manahil Rauf & Reflecting on Digital Identity (Week 8) on Regan Stromich’s cybersleuthing session of me! Let’s get started. I have to admit, I was quite excited to cyber stalk a fellow colleague who isContinue reading “I See You, Regan Stromich!”

Week 3: Oh Cursive Writing, So We Reunite…

For this week, my focus was to practice cursive writing, as it is a crucial component of cake writing. As I was practicing, all I could do was think back to those elementary days when we would practice cursive writing day after day… The worse was the pressure from teachers who would drill “This isContinue reading “Week 3: Oh Cursive Writing, So We Reunite…”

Week 1: Ice, Ice, Baby!

Today was my first shot at decorating. I started with icing designs to grow familiarity with baking tools and the consistency of icing. *Please refer to the steps down below. This experience was very eye opening as it made me come to the realization that you’re never perfect at anything when you first take itContinue reading “Week 1: Ice, Ice, Baby!”